Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hip Hip Hoorayyyyyyyy

Well...whew the show is over and as much fun as I had at the show, I am so grateful that it is over.

I was overwhelmed (on many occasions) to have all the support from my incredible friends. There wasn't a time during the day when I would look up and not know at least 3 people in the room. I love you all and so appreciate you. It was a bittersweet day for me, for those who do not know my little family is moving to Alaska in a few weeks so most of the people there I might not see for awhile. Not to mention, I moved earlier this year so a lot of the people who came I hadn't seen for some time. I had several...Oh, my gosh it's been so long...and Oh, my gosh it's going to be so long...moments. Needless to say, I was crying a lot.

I haven't decided when I will do another show yet, I think I need some downtime to decompress from it all. I would be curious to know if any of the vendors would like to do it again (I did have several say already that they would). I would also be curious to know if the customers would like us to do it again too.

I don't think I would have it in Burbank though...tax was 9.75%! What a joke! The permit stuff was crappy and overall it was just way too expensive. Not to mention we weren't allowed to have signs and so if you didn't have a personal invitation there wasn't really much more we could do to increase the traffic. The cost of it all wasn't even covered by the entry fee or the profits.

I do think I will do another show in another city where it won't be so costly...time and place TBD

Beth was the lucky winner of the last giveaway, way to go Beth!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hip Giveaway

Our final giveaway is brought to you by autumn dame. The detail on these ladies shirts is just extraordinary. Not to mention just plain cute. I did not have a hard time finding favorites, but I am definitely not able to narrow it down to one.

These are my favorites...

I grew up with short hair and never even though of adding a detail to the back of a shirt. How smart. I would have transformed a million shirts when I was younger had I had the foresight. Anyway, I love this one.

I am in love with this green number not only for the great design, but my kid would love nothing more than to play with the ruffle. I think I would have a hard time putting her down, not to mention the perfect place to wipe her little drool face. I know this is probably not the intention for their lovely design, but now maybe they have another way to market this top. HA!

Now this top is just too pretty for words, I just love the cascading petals. Soooo pretty.

Ok...now for the giveaway. For one who always needs to be wearing sleeves, I was excited to see them adding sleeves to tops and making that a part of their design.

Up for grabs is this lovely black top with puffed sleeves. You choice of S, M or L. Won't you be so cute in your new top.

To enter, please visit their blog and let us know which is your favorite. Their blog is only a sampling of their work, they will have even more at the show. Can't wait to see them.

For an additional entry let us know what you are most excited to see. We have had several giveaways over the past few weeks and even more vendors we did not have time to showcase. Visit the links to the right for a sneak peek.

Good Luck.

Hip Winner - Cindi

Congratulations Cindi, I am very jealous of your win. I truly want several of these little mugs. I will have claylicious contact you for your mailing address.

Only 5 days left til the show and I must admit I am getting nervous. I know I'm supposed to be all confident and in charge, but my knees are very wobbly and I have a bazillion butterflies in my stomach. I just pray that we get a good crowd. So this is the last push. Please please send emails to all your friends, shout it from rooftops. We have great merchandise, I have no doubt that people will be happy shoppers once they get here...it's the getting them here that makes me nervous.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Claylicious

Ok, this week it is all about Eshkar and her amazing pottery!!! Everytime I go to her Etsy site she has something new and incredibly adorable. Last week it was this owl cup, which I am dying for...and lucky for you it is the item that she decided to giveaway. So fabulous!

But as I was putting things together I went to her site again and this was her new item of the week...

Is that not sooo cute, and only $10.00. What a lovely, inexpensive, creative, thoughtful gift. Thank you Eshkar for you sweet simplicity!

I also love this...

And isn't this the cutest soap dish you ever saw?

I'm going to let you check out the rest of her stuff...you won't be disappointed.

To win the owl cup, check out her ETSYsite and leave a comment telling us your favorite one.

Giveaway will end Sunday night.

Good Luck!

Hip Winner - Laura Gerencser

YAY!!!! Congratulations Laura...please email me so we can get this right out to you.

My buttons came in this past weekend, and if you have talked to me at all you know that I have been dying for them to come in. It's an unusual way to advertise, I know but I'm anxious to see if it has any effect at all. If you bring the button with you to the show you will be entered into a drawing. Proceeds will go to Phoenix House.

Here they are...

I will spend the next two weeks trying to disperse them as much as possible.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Scrabble Charms

Ok people, sorry for the late post. I have several vendors getting their giveaway items together so they can be featured before the show, but I wanted to get one going this week even though it's later than usual. Things are crazy busy right now, but we can't stop the giveaways...right?

This is a new vendor that is new to me (thanks Marisa) and new to making crafts for cash. She has not created an ETSY site yet, so you might want to give her some encouragement or words of wisdom from those who are using ETSY to shop or to sell.

She makes the cutest little charms from scrabble pieces...totally personable and one of a kind. She is giving away this little gem...

The chain is not included in the giveaway, however you can add this to any current chain you have. Isn't the crown so cute...I'm really interested to see how well her "Twilight" themed ones sell. Is that movie/books really that popular? I'm way out of the loop on that one, but I have a feeling she will sell out of them.

Anyhoo...Ellen is so cute and I'm just sad that we all won't get to meet her in person. She will be mailing her goods to me instead.

She has created a blog, so check it out and let us know your favorites...leave a comment

for an additional entry leave a comment regarding your ETSY feelings or how she can promote her blog for future sales.

for 5 more entries email me your address and I will send you some flyers to pass out to help in our show's promotion (CA only, please)...leave a comment for each of the 5 entries.

Giveaway will end Sunday

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hip Winner - Crazy Lady

Congratulations Crazy Lady!!!!! I will send you an email today as well. Spent the day at Disneyland so I'm running a bit behind.

I will gather the new giveaway together and probably post it tomorrow. So, stay tuned.

Thanks to all those who volunteered to pass out cards, I really appreciate it. Miss Crazy Lady even volunteered but only used one entry, she is one lucky gal!

There are still 3 giveaways left and more opportunities to win.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Hands Full Creations

OH MY Goodness, you are going to love this one! Sarah from Hands Full Creations has the most cutest bags EVER! We recently had our vendor meeting and she had an early original that she was sporting that we all got to see close up. So adorable! I see one in my future, just need to decide on fabric now.

Miss Hands Full is giving away her very popular "Melanie" bag...the winner will be able to choose from the following two fabrics...

Don't you just love them, so cheery and what a happy bag. CUTE AS A BUTTON!!!

Here are a few of my favorites from her etsy site...

I LOVE this design and I love her use of the two materials.

Perfect little wristlet, and again her fabric choices are just lovely!

She mentions that her prescription sunglasses case was not so cute, so she had to create her own. I just love the little polka dots and pink on the inside. Great contrast colors.

fun fun fun, so happy to have you Sarah!!

How to enter?

Please visit her ETSY site and let us know your favorites...leave a comment

For those who are feeling frisky and would like to help us get the word out, we have lots and lots of business cards and postcards that need passed along. Send me your address and I will send you some. I think for that you can receive 5 additional entries (CA folks only)...leave a comment 5 separate times.

Good Luck, giveaway ends Sunday

Hip Winner - Centsible Scholar

Centsible Scholar...ding ding ding you are the winner! Congratulations, I have sent your email address on over to Bella's Biscotti. I'm sure you will love your delicious basket of goodies.

Next giveaway coming later today!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Biscotti

I was so excited when Amanda from Bella's Biscotti decided to join us. I wanted so badly to have a food vendor and how cool is a biscotti vendor? Not only does she do many varieties of biscotti, but she has mini bundt cakes...fancy cookies...and gift baskets...oh my!

So fun!

Then she sent me a photo of what the giveaway winner was going to get and I was floored! How generous and what a fun prize. She even said she would make it special in case you want or don't want nuts in your biscotti.

The gift basket includes...

1 package of pumpkin spice mini Bundt cakes (with raisins, pecans, and chocolate chips)
1 package of banana mini Bundt cakes
one jar of instant cappuccino
and one bag of traditional Anise Biscotti

yum yum yum!!!

Don't these look absolutely scrumptious? You think she will have samples???? Here's hoping!

Ok, here's how you can win this glorious basket of goodies.

Check out her site and let us know which item you would most like to try...leave a comment.

Talk about the giveaway to someone or by means of computer savvyness...leave a comment.

Giveaway ends Sunday night!

Good Luck!

Hip Winner

So, last week might have been a bad idea for a giveaway. I know I was crazy busy and was on the computer like once. So needless to say we did not have many entries, but great odds for them. I'm happy to announce that thanks to random.org LBloom is the winner. Farah...is this you? If so, congratulations...if it's not Farah still congratulations. You just got yourself one sweet gift!!!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Purple Bracelet

Ok, how great is Teresa's karma...she won the giveaway yesterday and is hosting the giveaway this week. Yay for Teresa!!

I have done a little jewelry making back in the day...but nothing like what Teresa creates. She has recently been introduced to bead weaving and according to her Etsy, she is now obsessed. It seems just so time consuming and so detail oriented...I don't think I have the patience. Teresa on the other hand has a crazy awesome inventory on her Etsy account and how beautiful are they going to be in person!!!!!

I bought some great Christmas decorations at a yard sale over the weekend so I'm in a bit of a festive mood...here are a few of my favorites from Penrose Designs...

And HERE is the prize for this week, this gorgeous purple bracelet...how lovely will that be to wear????

Cute as a button!!!!!

To enter...

Check out Teresa's ETSY account and let us know what you would like as a gift...leave a comment.

Blog, twitter, facebook or just tell someone about the giveaway...leave a comment.

GOOD LUCK!!! Giveaway ends Sunday night!!!!

Hip Winner - Penrose Designs

YAY Teresa from Penrose Designs!!!!! She is the big winner this week, thanks to random.org for their #5 pick. No coincidence that Teresa is the vendor hosting the giveaway this week. That post will be coming later today.

Congratulations Teresa!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Broaches

I am very excited to introduce you to Amy this week. Especially for everyone to see her whole shop. She came into our group after we had enough jewelry so unfortunately, she having to limit her inventory a bit for the final event. Luckily, we have an avenue for you to see all her handiwork through Etsy.

I am in love with this clutch, great color...great design...love it!

How great of a gift is her adorable coffee cozy???? What colors would you like to see?

Amy made these great broaches especially for this weeks giveaway. I think they are so cute together. I love to wear broaches on jackets, but have a new affection for them on t-shirts.

Cute as a button!!!!!
She is quite the talented lady, and I can't wait to see what else she brings to her table.

2 ways to enter...

check out her etsy site and let us know your favorite item...leave a comment

blog, facebook, twitter or just tell someone about Hip Handmaids...leave a comment

giveaway ends sunday night

Hip Winners

I was hesitant to use random.org today with my #3 being the winner all the time...I mean that's not very random. I was then going to have my husband pick a number on his way to work, but I wasn't up in time. So, I tried it again and it chose #1. WHAT???? I never thought the 1st or the last person would ever win. If ever I enter a giveaway and I'm going to be the first comment, I always wait a few hours and come back. Well, not today. The lucky number was 1 and the lucky winner is THE ROYAL FAMILY!!!!!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Baby Shoes

Baby Things by Jessica was another of my first vendors. I couldn't believe how many pairs of shoes she had sold on her Etsy site...and all she sold were shoes!! She is crazy popular and her fabric choices are just fabulous! I am very excited to have her on board.

Jessica is giving away a pair of shoes of your choice!!! So take a moment to go through her shop because your favorite pair could be your next pair.

cute as a button!

to win a pair of these fabulous shoes check out Jessica's etsy site and post a comment with your favorite pair

for a second entry, post about us on your blog, facebook, twitter or just tell someone

a random winner will be selected on Sunday.

good luck

Hip Winners - Beth

And the lucky lady is...Beth. I've been using random.org to help me choose a random number and I think this might be the 3rd time the winning number was 3. I might need to use a different way to pick my number next week. Somehow random.org doesn't seem very random.

Congratulations Beth, hope you enjoy your soap.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Soapy Soap

I am so excited to introduce you all to Opa's Soap. I wanted to have a soap vendor so badly, but didn't know I would hit the jackpot with Mercedes and her soapy glory. They make lotions, soap, lip balm, laundry stuff...plus WAY more!

"We are two loving people who would like to make a difference in this world. The owners and artisans would like to offer a variety of 100% natural, quality, aromatherapy-infused skin care products that benefit the mind, body and soul for a reasonable price. All of our essential oils, herbs, and ingredients are pesticide-free, partially organic when affordable and available, and high quality. We offer lots of love in our products and would like to share it with the world."

All made in the comfort of their own home, I cannot wait to see and smell these in person.

Mercedes is giving away a bar of her Clementine soap...described from their website as...

This soap helps control oily skin, promotes peaceful sleep, and improves tone of skin. Clementine has a fresh and delicate aroma. Essential Oils like Ylang Ylang, Lavender, and Marjoram fight depression, anxiety, and hypertension. Michelia Alba Leaf Essential Oil uplifts your mood.

Distilled Water, Sodium hydroxide, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Lavender, Frankincense, Bergamot, Michelia Alba Leaf, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Vitamin E, Green (Spinach), Orange/Annatto

Um, Hello??? Promotes peaceful sleep...yes please.

2 ways to win...

1. check out her website and let us know your favorite...leave a comment.

2. let the world know we are soooo cool by a status update a twitter update or a blog update...we need more friends...leave a comment letting us know you did.

As always this weeks giveaway ends Sunday night!

Hip Winners - Michelle

Wahoo for Michelle!!!! I have emailed you to get your address, but was pleasantly surprised when I found out you were in Alaska. How fun! I will be joining you soon. Perhaps we will have a Hip Handmaids show there next year?

No need to fret everyone else, we have lots more vendor goods to giveaway. Make sure you checkout cinnamonsticks to the right...she is also having a giveaway.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hip Giveaway - pearly whites

This weeks giveaway is brought to you by LATaylor Designs. She is a lovely jewelry designer using sterling silver or gold filed wire/chain and include gemstones, freshwater pearls and/or swarovski crystals. Very pretty works and so nice and genuine, I had a good time talking to her the other day and can't wait to meet her.

Her etsy bio says the following:

She is the mother of 12 year old wonderful twins (boy/girl) and recently retired from the LAPD as a detective and now spends all her time shuttling the twins around, helping out various local charity organizations and, of course, making jewelry!

Is it wrong for me to want to have someone "try" to steal from us so I can watch her in action? Probably.

Lorie is generously giving away this sweet little bracelet.

"This cream fresh water pearl bracelet is sophisticated yet has an everyday ease. It is made with sterling silver links of chain and has a very sweet heart-shaped charm attached. It is finished with a lobster clasp and can be adjusted from 7 1/2" to 9 1/4.""

Cute as a button!

To own this pretty little piece, please check out her etsy shop and let us know which item you like the best. Leave a comment. Giveaway will end this Sunday October 4th. Can you believe it will be October already? Do you know what you are going to be for Halloween?

Hip Winners

and the winner of the Muse silk scarf this week (thank you random.org)...drum roll...is...

CORI, she said:

"Oh, i love muse's scarves - it's so hard to pick a favorite one! - I tend to lean towards the ones I know take so much work, like Naiive Windflower,
and Lemonade Rosebuds -
So i guess i am into the flowers!!
So pretty, and elegant."

I will send you an email to gather all your info...congratulations!!!

Once I get dressed and perhaps have breakfast I will put together this weeks giveaway...check out the right hand vendor column for the list of the giveaways to come.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hip Giveaway

So very excited to introduce you to Angel this week. She paints the most beautiful scarves you have ever seen. Her process is fascinating, she recently wrote about it on her blog.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Angel earlier this week and she painted this scarf this past weekend especially for this giveaway. Her generosity as well as her talent are overwhelming.

Resist lines drawn, black ground painted in...drying.

close up

This 8"x 54"silk habotai scarf has an off black ground, and multicolor feathers of purples, reds and golden yellows all melting together. It's bright and exciting - a sure pop of "wow" color to your outfit!

Her violet wood grain scarf is my favorite.

She recently painted one as a wall hanging for a customer and the customer said she had to take it down, it was too pretty not to be shown off. I too, would like one as a wall hanging. I think it would be cool to have one in a clear frame in front of a window, doesn't that sound pretty?

For an opportunity to win this beautiful accessory, please visit her etsy site and let us know your favorite one and leave a comment. Giveaway ends Sunday night.

Good Luck!

Hip Winners

Hip Hip Hooray for comment #3 (thank you random.org)

Way to go Jeannie!!!!!!! I will give Carmen your email address. Can't wait to see what you choose!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hip Giveaway

Carmen was one of the first hip handmaid I went after. She loves all things vintage, all things cute, romantic, kawaii, and in general anything that is girly!

I saw her fabulous inventory on Etsy and always wanted to make fabric covered tacks and buttons and so on, but never have. This girl takes it to a whole new level. I love them, especially the eye exam pins, they are my favorite!

She is giving away a $5.00 gift certificate to her shop...there are so many fabrics to choose from, it will be difficult to choose a favorite.

Yay for Carmen! Cute as a button. Can't wait to see all of her stuff in person...

only 11 weeks to go!

Giveaway rules:

Check out her Etsy site and let us know your faves...leave a comment

Check out the new Hip Handmaid website and sign the guestbook...leave a comment telling me you did

Giveaway ends Sunday night!

OH, and leboutique is also hosting her own first giveaway on her blog...so make sure you check that out too...several ways to win these bad boys!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hip Winners

Shay was our winner this week, congratulations girl! She might be having a baby right now, so exciting!

New giveaway starting tomorrow...

For now though, if you haven't seen the new and improved website please go take a look. I was using my mac program from the beginning, but I had a few complaints that there was a crazy error message when you would open it up. I took matters into my own hands and got onto godaddy. I purchased the domain from them already and who knew how easy it was going to be. Luckily, there was a template that worked for what I wanted or I might have been a little more unhappy with the outcome. It's not as personalized as I would have liked, I mean there are probably thousands of websites out there using the same look. But for now I think it is cute as a button.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hip Giveaway

All Handmade - All The Time - By Hip Maids...is what is said at the top of shelc's etsy site. This woman is truly one of a kind.

I remember her telling me one day how she began to sew...it was one of those days where she was like, I want to sew...ok, you got a machine? Her and a friend managed to get their hands on a machine and sort of work there way through it. Neither of them knew how to thread it, or it had been a long time and they just decided to do it one day. I would have been so intimidated if I hadn't had lessons, I never would just pick up a machine and start.

Each time she sews she tried something new, until one day she is ripping apart a dress to make her own pattern and I am completely in awe! No fear this girl and no frill either. Just check out the dress she is donating for this weeks giveaway.

You heard me right...this is a dress!!! Cute little ruffle on the top. Dress comes with striped top underneath and is a 3-4t.

I am already lucky to own a few of these babies for my little girl.


Let's see...let's see...how to enter this time???? The whole idea for these giveaways is to get the word out for our show in Burbank this December. So if you appreciate the giveaways we would be ever so grateful if you would help us spread the word. Give a look see to shelc's etsy site and let us know your faves, but also if you could send an email to your peeps in California with a link to the blog.

12 weeks to go!! Giveaway ends Sunday night.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hip Winners

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!

"The Comstocks" are the big winners this week! Way to go Candace! Can't wait to see what you choose.

Stay tuned for another giveaway later this week.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Peace and Love

I'm so happy to introduce you to Canela this week from cinnamonsticks. OH MY GOODNESS she is a busy gal. This lovely lady of 6, count em' SIX kids is a wife, mother and metal smith. I think it's cute that she has a count-up on her blog of how long she has been married.

She describes her jewelry...

"Everything in life seems to inspire my designs, so you will find a variety of styles from clean, simple, elegant, and modern to elecetic, whimsical, and rustic."

This weekend to celebrate her as a "Hip Handmaid" she is graciously giving away this oh so cute necklace.

Peace and Love...The little bitties...hand stamped layered and soldered sterling charm necklace

Cute as a Button!!!
She has a crazy amount of stamps if you would like something different stamped on the silver, she will oblige.

To enter...

1 entry for visiting her Etsy site and letting us know your faves
1 entry for adding a Hip Handmaids button on your blog
1 entry for adding Hip Handmaids as a Facebook friend
1 entry for adding Hip Handmaids as a twit (i have like, NO friends on the twitter thing...i don't get it yet so this would help)

Please leave separate comments for each entry. Good luck to you all! Giveaway ends Labor Day!

13 Weeks to go...

Button button who's got a button

I totally made a button today!!!! I feel super nerdy, but I did it!!!!

Copy and paste the mumbo jumbo to the right in a new widget and you will totally have a HH button. I know this is elementary to most of the computer world, but I feel fancy.

Thanks for the assistance with getting the word out, this is going to be a great show!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Hip Winners

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Since not very many people participated in the giveaway, the odds were pretty good that you would win. So, Janice and Alice...you are the total winner.

Check out the first blog giveaway and choose a gown, the only ones that aren't available are Elmo and Tater Tot's.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Spam I am-GIVEAWAY!!!!!

So, I thought that in this era getting "the word" out for such an event would be easy. There's facebook, websites, blogs, myspace and the twit thing (that I don't do). However, it's not as easy as I thought.

I spent 3 hours yesterday on facebook...looking for new friends. I found this great group of "fans of Burbank". Thinking to myself how perfect, this will be a great way to get the city involved! Letting the community know that we're looking for artsy, fartsy folks and having a continual reminder to look forward to the show...a la facebook style. Well, I was well into my hundredth request when I get this BIG FAT error message that says...stop what you are doing, spam is NOT allowed, you cannot request this many friends, you are a horrible person taking advantage of us, YOU are a terrorist. Ok, maybe not that bad...but ME a spammer (said gasping in horror)???

I thought those were little skinny guys who don't shower, live as hermits, never get out and spend their day trying to scam money out of grandma's who don't know any better. But ME, a humble housewife with a baby and a cat...who likes to sew, bake stuff and gets all excited when I see the miniature size tents at Costco cause I think they are cute...a SPAMMER??????

Yes, I am a spammer and I'm not proud of it as I walk away slowly with my head down.

I need your help people, "spammer" is not a badge that I want to wear.

Things have been mad crazy with all the vendor paperwork going out, so I haven't had a chance to select a new vendor to showcase this week. I will be giving away 2 more newborn gowns, one for the facebook friends and another for the blogging friends.

The first way you can enter is if you make a new post about hiphandmaids, making a link to the blog. Make sure to post a comment with the link so I can read all about it.

The second way to enter is to comment about it as a status update on your facebook. Perhaps then your friends will ask to be my friends instead of the other way around. Make sure you leave a comment in the facebook note letting me know what you said.

Now I am a briber instead of a spammer...I can accept that. The final day for vendor submissions is Tuesday, so look forward to their announcements this week.

Deadline for this giveaway will be Sunday before I go to bed.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Holy Smokes

Oh my goodness, I am getting an overwhelming response to the show. Thought I'd give a little update on where we are and what we are looking for.

Here is a photo of the inside of the Church.

I had an interior designer, (thanks Buff Puff...she's my sister, I can call her that) lay out the tables for optimal use and function and she totally did it different than how I would have laid it out. Good thing I went to a professional or y'all might have gotten lost in a maze and no one would see your beautiful merchandise.

The space will only fit 45, 8'x3' spaces. Therefore, I'm not going to be able to accept every one's application. From what I can tell so far, it won't be for lack of talent and creativity...we just don't want to over saturate a category.

We are looking for the following:

children's clothing
children's accessories
children's toys
adult jewelry
adult accessories
canned goods
baked goods
adult clothing
adult accessories
home decor
holiday decor

We can only have 2 or 3 in each category. Only one week left in the first round picks, send in your photos by the 31st.

Thanks to all who have applied thus far, it's going to be a great show!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hip Hip Horray!! Giveaway winners

Ok, since I have several friends who posted comments I wanted to make sure I wasn't partial AT ALL so I used the random.org thing cause I can't choose between friends. I tried to put the picture of the box showing which numbers came up, but I was having difficulty making that work so you will just have to trust me.

Drum roll.........27 and 11!!!

nilu said...

love the gowns...especially the tater tot one and of course elmo..for my little one-who just rolled over for the first time today:).....

Nilu, you are the first winner!! YAY! Please email me your address and choice of gown.

Laura and Kelly Allen said...

I like the I heart Tater Tots. My girlfriend calls my little one "tater tot" so it's perfect. :)

Laura, as soon as I get word from Nilu I will let you know which one she picked
Looks like we're in for a fight for the Tater Tot gown...let the battle begin.

UPDATE: Nilu is precious...she took the Elmo one. Laura, Tater Tots is yours just email me your address.

Next week will either be a candy (new vendor) or girl dress giveaway...I can't decide...stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hip Giveaway

YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY for giveaways!!!!!!!!

In order to get the word out for Hip Handmaids, we are hosting a giveaway a week up until the day of the show. For the next few weeks we will be giving away these newborn baby gowns...I got a little carried away last week and made 25, so we have lots to giveaway!

the green one says, "still working on my merit badge", the gray on the right is multiple choice A. I'm ignoring you B. I don't care C. I'm not listening and D. All of the above.

the black one on the right says, "pretty persuasion" and the gray one says, "free agent"

the Elmo one also has a huge E on the back and the brown one says, "distinguished gentleman"

the white one in the middle is AC/DC

This week we will be giving away 2 and I will pick numbers at random using that random.org place.

Here are the ways you can enter.

1. Leave a comment and let me know which of these baby gowns is your fave.

2. Add Hip Handmaids as a follower.

3. Add Hip Handmaids as a friend on facebook.

4. And of course if you are interested in being a part of the show submit your photos.

Leave separate comments for each entry.

Hip Hip Hooray! Giveaway ends at midnight CA time on Friday the 21st.