Monday, October 26, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Purple Bracelet

Ok, how great is Teresa's karma...she won the giveaway yesterday and is hosting the giveaway this week. Yay for Teresa!!

I have done a little jewelry making back in the day...but nothing like what Teresa creates. She has recently been introduced to bead weaving and according to her Etsy, she is now obsessed. It seems just so time consuming and so detail oriented...I don't think I have the patience. Teresa on the other hand has a crazy awesome inventory on her Etsy account and how beautiful are they going to be in person!!!!!

I bought some great Christmas decorations at a yard sale over the weekend so I'm in a bit of a festive are a few of my favorites from Penrose Designs...

And HERE is the prize for this week, this gorgeous purple lovely will that be to wear????

Cute as a button!!!!!

To enter...

Check out Teresa's ETSY account and let us know what you would like as a gift...leave a comment.

Blog, twitter, facebook or just tell someone about the giveaway...leave a comment.

GOOD LUCK!!! Giveaway ends Sunday night!!!!


  1. What a great giveaway! I love the Purple Heart necklace! Teresa has a beautiful shop!


  2. I love this!!!
    Her store is full of gorgeous things!!!

  3. I tweeted!!!

  4. Such detail in all of her jewelry! I am eyeing up that fushia tear drop necklace with fushia and gray beads-gorgeous! Her jewelry has such class and you can tell she puts time and creativity into each piece!