Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hip Giveaway

All Handmade - All The Time - By Hip what is said at the top of shelc's etsy site. This woman is truly one of a kind.

I remember her telling me one day how she began to was one of those days where she was like, I want to sew...ok, you got a machine? Her and a friend managed to get their hands on a machine and sort of work there way through it. Neither of them knew how to thread it, or it had been a long time and they just decided to do it one day. I would have been so intimidated if I hadn't had lessons, I never would just pick up a machine and start.

Each time she sews she tried something new, until one day she is ripping apart a dress to make her own pattern and I am completely in awe! No fear this girl and no frill either. Just check out the dress she is donating for this weeks giveaway.

You heard me right...this is a dress!!! Cute little ruffle on the top. Dress comes with striped top underneath and is a 3-4t.

I am already lucky to own a few of these babies for my little girl.


Let's see...let's to enter this time???? The whole idea for these giveaways is to get the word out for our show in Burbank this December. So if you appreciate the giveaways we would be ever so grateful if you would help us spread the word. Give a look see to shelc's etsy site and let us know your faves, but also if you could send an email to your peeps in California with a link to the blog.

12 weeks to go!! Giveaway ends Sunday night.


  1. Love thje baby notes gown! Way cute!

  2. I love the gnome dress. My little guy calls gnomes Santa. I would love to put any of these on my little girl! Thanks again for the giveaway. I am bound and determined to win one.

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  4. so love the concept of hip handmaids! looking forward to the december show! i LOVE the infant I Heart rockers, i married the drummer in a rock band! and my girls love their daddy!

  5. The Baby Science of Sound Musical Newborn Gown is soo adorable! and so neon-y haha which is awesome :)

  6. I love love love the clothes. I think that I like the The Baby Science of Sound Musical, incredible hulk and INXS baby gowns and all of the pants the most. I am a Texas girl and don't know many Cali peeps, but i will pass it along to the few I do have.

  7. I love the jimi hendrix dress (caleb named our female cat jimi hendrix) and the baby peace sign gown.