Monday, November 30, 2009

Hip Giveaway

Our final giveaway is brought to you by autumn dame. The detail on these ladies shirts is just extraordinary. Not to mention just plain cute. I did not have a hard time finding favorites, but I am definitely not able to narrow it down to one.

These are my favorites...

I grew up with short hair and never even though of adding a detail to the back of a shirt. How smart. I would have transformed a million shirts when I was younger had I had the foresight. Anyway, I love this one.

I am in love with this green number not only for the great design, but my kid would love nothing more than to play with the ruffle. I think I would have a hard time putting her down, not to mention the perfect place to wipe her little drool face. I know this is probably not the intention for their lovely design, but now maybe they have another way to market this top. HA!

Now this top is just too pretty for words, I just love the cascading petals. Soooo pretty. for the giveaway. For one who always needs to be wearing sleeves, I was excited to see them adding sleeves to tops and making that a part of their design.

Up for grabs is this lovely black top with puffed sleeves. You choice of S, M or L. Won't you be so cute in your new top.

To enter, please visit their blog and let us know which is your favorite. Their blog is only a sampling of their work, they will have even more at the show. Can't wait to see them.

For an additional entry let us know what you are most excited to see. We have had several giveaways over the past few weeks and even more vendors we did not have time to showcase. Visit the links to the right for a sneak peek.

Good Luck.

Hip Winner - Cindi

Congratulations Cindi, I am very jealous of your win. I truly want several of these little mugs. I will have claylicious contact you for your mailing address.

Only 5 days left til the show and I must admit I am getting nervous. I know I'm supposed to be all confident and in charge, but my knees are very wobbly and I have a bazillion butterflies in my stomach. I just pray that we get a good crowd. So this is the last push. Please please send emails to all your friends, shout it from rooftops. We have great merchandise, I have no doubt that people will be happy shoppers once they get's the getting them here that makes me nervous.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Claylicious

Ok, this week it is all about Eshkar and her amazing pottery!!! Everytime I go to her Etsy site she has something new and incredibly adorable. Last week it was this owl cup, which I am dying for...and lucky for you it is the item that she decided to giveaway. So fabulous!

But as I was putting things together I went to her site again and this was her new item of the week...

Is that not sooo cute, and only $10.00. What a lovely, inexpensive, creative, thoughtful gift. Thank you Eshkar for you sweet simplicity!

I also love this...

And isn't this the cutest soap dish you ever saw?

I'm going to let you check out the rest of her won't be disappointed.

To win the owl cup, check out her ETSYsite and leave a comment telling us your favorite one.

Giveaway will end Sunday night.

Good Luck!

Hip Winner - Laura Gerencser

YAY!!!! Congratulations Laura...please email me so we can get this right out to you.

My buttons came in this past weekend, and if you have talked to me at all you know that I have been dying for them to come in. It's an unusual way to advertise, I know but I'm anxious to see if it has any effect at all. If you bring the button with you to the show you will be entered into a drawing. Proceeds will go to Phoenix House.

Here they are...

I will spend the next two weeks trying to disperse them as much as possible.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Scrabble Charms

Ok people, sorry for the late post. I have several vendors getting their giveaway items together so they can be featured before the show, but I wanted to get one going this week even though it's later than usual. Things are crazy busy right now, but we can't stop the giveaways...right?

This is a new vendor that is new to me (thanks Marisa) and new to making crafts for cash. She has not created an ETSY site yet, so you might want to give her some encouragement or words of wisdom from those who are using ETSY to shop or to sell.

She makes the cutest little charms from scrabble pieces...totally personable and one of a kind. She is giving away this little gem...

The chain is not included in the giveaway, however you can add this to any current chain you have. Isn't the crown so cute...I'm really interested to see how well her "Twilight" themed ones sell. Is that movie/books really that popular? I'm way out of the loop on that one, but I have a feeling she will sell out of them.

Anyhoo...Ellen is so cute and I'm just sad that we all won't get to meet her in person. She will be mailing her goods to me instead.

She has created a blog, so check it out and let us know your favorites...leave a comment

for an additional entry leave a comment regarding your ETSY feelings or how she can promote her blog for future sales.

for 5 more entries email me your address and I will send you some flyers to pass out to help in our show's promotion (CA only, please)...leave a comment for each of the 5 entries.

Giveaway will end Sunday

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hip Winner - Crazy Lady

Congratulations Crazy Lady!!!!! I will send you an email today as well. Spent the day at Disneyland so I'm running a bit behind.

I will gather the new giveaway together and probably post it tomorrow. So, stay tuned.

Thanks to all those who volunteered to pass out cards, I really appreciate it. Miss Crazy Lady even volunteered but only used one entry, she is one lucky gal!

There are still 3 giveaways left and more opportunities to win.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Hands Full Creations

OH MY Goodness, you are going to love this one! Sarah from Hands Full Creations has the most cutest bags EVER! We recently had our vendor meeting and she had an early original that she was sporting that we all got to see close up. So adorable! I see one in my future, just need to decide on fabric now.

Miss Hands Full is giving away her very popular "Melanie" bag...the winner will be able to choose from the following two fabrics...

Don't you just love them, so cheery and what a happy bag. CUTE AS A BUTTON!!!

Here are a few of my favorites from her etsy site...

I LOVE this design and I love her use of the two materials.

Perfect little wristlet, and again her fabric choices are just lovely!

She mentions that her prescription sunglasses case was not so cute, so she had to create her own. I just love the little polka dots and pink on the inside. Great contrast colors.

fun fun fun, so happy to have you Sarah!!

How to enter?

Please visit her ETSY site and let us know your favorites...leave a comment

For those who are feeling frisky and would like to help us get the word out, we have lots and lots of business cards and postcards that need passed along. Send me your address and I will send you some. I think for that you can receive 5 additional entries (CA folks only)...leave a comment 5 separate times.

Good Luck, giveaway ends Sunday

Hip Winner - Centsible Scholar

Centsible Scholar...ding ding ding you are the winner! Congratulations, I have sent your email address on over to Bella's Biscotti. I'm sure you will love your delicious basket of goodies.

Next giveaway coming later today!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Biscotti

I was so excited when Amanda from Bella's Biscotti decided to join us. I wanted so badly to have a food vendor and how cool is a biscotti vendor? Not only does she do many varieties of biscotti, but she has mini bundt cakes...fancy cookies...and gift baskets...oh my!

So fun!

Then she sent me a photo of what the giveaway winner was going to get and I was floored! How generous and what a fun prize. She even said she would make it special in case you want or don't want nuts in your biscotti.

The gift basket includes...

1 package of pumpkin spice mini Bundt cakes (with raisins, pecans, and chocolate chips)
1 package of banana mini Bundt cakes
one jar of instant cappuccino
and one bag of traditional Anise Biscotti

yum yum yum!!!

Don't these look absolutely scrumptious? You think she will have samples???? Here's hoping!

Ok, here's how you can win this glorious basket of goodies.

Check out her site and let us know which item you would most like to try...leave a comment.

Talk about the giveaway to someone or by means of computer savvyness...leave a comment.

Giveaway ends Sunday night!

Good Luck!

Hip Winner

So, last week might have been a bad idea for a giveaway. I know I was crazy busy and was on the computer like once. So needless to say we did not have many entries, but great odds for them. I'm happy to announce that thanks to LBloom is the winner. this you? If so, congratulations...if it's not Farah still congratulations. You just got yourself one sweet gift!!!!!!