Monday, November 2, 2009

Hip Giveaway - Biscotti

I was so excited when Amanda from Bella's Biscotti decided to join us. I wanted so badly to have a food vendor and how cool is a biscotti vendor? Not only does she do many varieties of biscotti, but she has mini bundt cakes...fancy cookies...and gift baskets...oh my!

So fun!

Then she sent me a photo of what the giveaway winner was going to get and I was floored! How generous and what a fun prize. She even said she would make it special in case you want or don't want nuts in your biscotti.

The gift basket includes...

1 package of pumpkin spice mini Bundt cakes (with raisins, pecans, and chocolate chips)
1 package of banana mini Bundt cakes
one jar of instant cappuccino
and one bag of traditional Anise Biscotti

yum yum yum!!!

Don't these look absolutely scrumptious? You think she will have samples???? Here's hoping!

Ok, here's how you can win this glorious basket of goodies.

Check out her site and let us know which item you would most like to try...leave a comment.

Talk about the giveaway to someone or by means of computer savvyness...leave a comment.

Giveaway ends Sunday night!

Good Luck!


  1. I would LOVE to try the snickerdoodle biscotti! Yum.

  2. Oh my!! I gained ten pounds just by looking at her site!:) I would love everything!!

  3. I have to choose just one??? How about Chocolate Cherry Biscotti... or lady fingers... can't decide. :) Yum.

  4. Everything looks amazing, the chocolate cherry biscotti sounds like it could be new favorite thing :)

  5. Hmmm that was a hard choice but the brownie biscotti looks scrumptious!!

  6. I can not decide... I will have to bring extra $ for the 5th so I can try or buy some for the trip to Az. Chocolate cherry or maybe brownie biscotti... Jeannie

  7. The pumpkin spice bundt cake looks divine! dianejjarvis at

  8. Chocolate cherry biscotti. Yum

  9. whitney mccoy: the pumpkin spice bundt cake looks delish!

  10. I would choose the doggie biscotti for my adorable yorkie, Rosebud!

  11. I blogged about the show and the blog giveaways! Yay for a 2nd entry!