Thursday, August 5, 2010

From Etsy to Amazon

So, I have had to take my precious iMaxi off the Etsy site recently. (sad face) Wendie and I were unable to keep up sewing all by ourselves. I had a company make a ton up for me and quickly put them for sale on Amazon and now ebay. Etsy is a handmade site only so no mass produced items allowed. They ARE still handmade, but the mass part puts me in a different category now.

One big problem, no one knows they are there. All the tweets, facebook chatter and blog talk all take you to my etsy site that says sorry there is a problem, we cannot find your item. Blerg!

I was nervous to take this route in the first place, does anyone really want a giant maxi pad for a case? Sales have proven me wrong, and people do still want it. Which makes me laugh, I love that people like the product. I recently did a custom order for what we call the "nasti maxi", I hope his friends don't want me to duplicate it cause I don't think I can make it again.

So now, I'm sitting on a big pile o pads. Guess I need to work harder to get the word out of their new selling location.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

The iMaxi

Hello World, I can hardly believe the buzz that is surrounding the iMaxi already. I only put it up on Etsy 2 days ago and we are almost at 30,000 hits. I knew the idea was funny, but this is ridiculous.

A few weeks ago, my friend Brooks called and said he had an idea and wanted to know if I could make it. I thought the idea was hilarious and of course I'd make one. So all of you who have said how funny and dare I say "genius" I's ALL Brooks. He is also the one behind the written words. You are too funny Brooks...glad to be a part of the ride.

Anyway, I go get fabric and make a few prototypes, until finally we come to "the one". The iPad doesn't come out until next month, but I wanted to get it out there before anyone else did and see what everyone thought.

Check out the ETSY site for the other "color" options. I crack myself up.